the birthday yay!

Max Adams, Michael Canales, Vivi Gregg

Max Adams, Michael Canales, and Vivi Gregg, Austin Texas February 2012

Max Adams, Patrick Megna

Max Adams, Patrick Megna, Austin Texas February 2012

Max Adams

Max Adams, Austin Texas February 2012

Kitty Sibille, Max Adams

Kitty Sibille, Max Adams Austin Texas February 2012


*photos by various birthday bash revelers, hey we were lucky to get the focus right let alone the photo credits


2 Responses to the birthday yay!

  1. Happy birthday! Sorry I missed it. Next year I might be coming down for SXSW so we’lll do a delayed birthday then.

  2. Max

    Oh good Lord, Rain, I have to wait a year? Cripes. In a year I may have fled the country and be on your doorstep.

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