the bimbo dialogues : part ii


male nude by gormanHer friend asked her —

Don’t you think, seeing these violent men, you are at risk?

She said, What?

He said, If they can hurt other people, won’t they hurt you?

She said, Silly friend, all people can hurt other people.

Some are just more skilled.


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where the art work comes from :
that is a male nude by greg gorman

14 Responses to the bimbo dialogues : part ii

  1. conundrum

    Ooh ooh the eagerly awaited second installment.

    *sadness* my computer is not downloading the orresponding picture.

  2. max

    Oh Con you are really robbed that is such a hot picture. It is the same image though I am doing image thematics with same subject posts. Crafty, eh?

  3. conundrum

    I guess I will just have to use my imagination and substitute that pic of AJ Valient in the wedding dress he used a while back on his posting.

  4. “Some are just more skilled”… Isn’t that the truth.

  5. max

    Con, come away from the dark side.

    Woe, yes it is.

  6. “Con, come away from the dark side.”

    Condem if you must, but I’ll thank you not to sully the sanctity of my wedding day.

  7. “From the mouths of babes…”

  8. Max, after reflecting on these posts, being a woman and all, I imagined the above nude male with a gun in his hand, then a sword, then a flower, and I must say, I kind of like the sword.

    Now, if he was just a little sweaty (sweetly) after a fight, set the sword in the corner, and walked over to me, I would have to do him. That’s all. Simple.

  9. max

    Valliant, have you shaved that beard yet?

  10. I have to keep it for a week, as per the rules of the contest.

  11. max

    That is no way to get me into bed Valliant.

  12. He’s enjoying his little flavor savers.

  13. max


    You are so grounded.

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