the bimbo dialogues : part i


male nude by gormanA male friend of hers —

Once told her she dated male bimbos.

She said, Bimbos? How are they bimbos?

He said, Navy SEAL, Martial Arts Instructor, Army Ranger.

She said, Those are not bimbos. Those are large men trained to kill.


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where the art work comes from :
that is a male nude by greg gorman

16 Responses to the bimbo dialogues : part i

  1. What’s a bimbo? Someone with little to offer other than looks? One likes to shop, the other likes to hunt…

  2. I thought a male bimbo was a mimbo? Whatever the name, mimbos/bimbos just wanna be accepted for who they are!

  3. A Navy Seal is NOT a Mimbo.
    It is as far from a Mimbo as you can get. That’s as real manly as you can get.

  4. Doing it for money and because you look hot in the outfit while your doing it…
    that makes you a bimbo

    Doing it for the love of it no matter what you wear…that makes you a potential guest for the Jerry Springer Show.

    Can’t move away from the sterotype…sorry.

  5. Harleyguy

    If the guy in that picture is a bimbo, I want to be one…or have one…or something like that.

  6. Kym

    I thought muscular men trained to kill without a whole lot of smarts were called Rambos not bimbos.

  7. I like “Mimbo”, Dailytri.

    I personally am a fan of the “Cougar” movement, and, not that I would know myself, or, er, anything, but I think the young, succelent prey of the Cougar might qualify as Mimbos, not from lack of intelligence always, but default immaturity. As such, Mimbos serve a purpose in nature, and that is in fulfilling the adventurous, and insatiable sexual appetite of the independent and established older woman, without burdening her with emotional entanglement or other obligations.


  8. Depends on how you define “bimbo.” If we’re thinking of the word as meaning “possessing to an extreme degree the physical characteristics that cause gender objectification,” then yeah, a manly he-man is a bimbo.

    I’m not sure whether you have to be stupid to be a bimbo.

    I’m also not sure whether trained killers are stupid. Some of them probably are.

  9. Most of the women on my Mom’s side of the family are older then their husbands by at least 7 years.

    Except for me.

    I have to be the rebel you know .

  10. max

    Well I think the person commenting was slamming the pattern out of chagrin he did not fit the pattern. I do not think “male bimbo” was accurate either.

  11. californiablogging

    I think I’ve met some males that would qualify as a bimbo but I didn’t mind too much. : )

  12. Alot of bimbos are not bimbos – they are just misunderstood.

  13. A person who assumes someone is a bimbo, purely based on appearance or stereotype, is more of a bimbo than the person they point their finger at.

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