the big sell out


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Sale of health care reform has gone public, the only thing I can ask is that real democrats left in D.C. refuse to sign the ridiculous lie that is being peddled by the President and his new friends the Republicans.

And I mean lie. Because thirty million new customers for health insurance companies, although clearly a boon to Wall Street where stocks just jumped, does not equal health care reform. And mandating citizens buy insurance from insurance company and backing that up with tax dollars that will lose 30% to insurance company graft is a crime to my way of thinking. Not to mention, just where is this going to go? People caught driving unisured lose driving privileges. What are people caught living uninsured going to lose? Living privileges? May I remind my government, while driving may be called a privilege, living is a right guaranteed by the founders.

Nothing so clearly demonstrates the sell out underway than Speaker of the House Pelosi, upon abandoning the public option, suddenly having a fundraiser thrown for Pelosi by a health insurance lobbyist. That’s not even subtle. And do not fall for talk about a trigger either, trigger in this context is another word for joke.

But I will leave the final word here to Congressman Dennis Kucinich, co author of the HR676 single payer plan who summed things up appropriately after the President’s congressional address.





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  1. max

    Okay something messed up links in this post pretty well but those are fixed now and hopefully will stay fixed. :::grrr:::

  2. Anon

    I agree that unity for democrats is important, but not at the expense of a complete victory for corporate giants – the insurance companies. Without a robust public option, I will not vote for any democrat in 2010 or 2012. Period.

    Having said that, it was a nice sounding speech. Nice sounding words. Lots and lots of words, net result: fish in barrel – by law – ready for kill with no, virtually no, restraints on prices.

    Who needs republicans when the democrats will rob from the poor to give to the rich for them?

  3. max

    Well Kucinich is a democrat. So is Weiner. So was Kennedy. There are a lot of good Democrats. Just not…

  4. One of the main things Obama used to distinguish his platform versus Hillary’s in the primary election was that he was not going to force people to buy insurance.

  5. I think the stocks jumped for another reason, they probably figure that they can lower their costs without taking too much of a hit and then run the smaller newer companies out of business.

    It’s what Walmart does.

    The risk there is this: people may hate them so much STILL at that point that they don’t buy in. It’s a gamble but that’s what the market is.

  6. max

    If I were Clinton I would be pissed off he beat me saying no mandated health insurance and turned around and ran with it after he got into office.

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