the awesome shoes


I am —

At a shoe store in Hollywood. I see these awesome shoes. God knows how I will walk in them they have what look like seven inch heels and three inch platforms but screw it, they are awesome, I try them on.

I look like a three year old in her mother’s heels.


I put them back.

I wander about looking at other shoes and end up back by the awesome shoes and there is the goddess. She is six feet tall if she is an inch. She has legs that are at least double the length of her body. She is stacked. She is tan. She is trying on the shoes.

The shoes look amazing on her.

There are two colors.

She can’t decide which.

I say, Jesus Christ, buy both! Nobody else is ever going to wear those shoes like you do. This is no time to scrimp.

[Sorry but it is an awesome shoe emergency God will understand.]

She buys both.

I go home happy someone got the awesome shoes.


where the art work comes from :
that is from fashion apocalypse

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  1. I never learned to wear heels- is that sad or what?

  2. max

    You have never worn high heels? Ever?

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