the air moves



waking iv by mansel daviesIt is —

3:30 in the morning and the air is finally beginning to move. It is still hot air, but not as hot as earlier. And if I close my eyes I can imagine the sound of wind and soft distant traffic is the ocean and I am somewhere near the sea feeling a hot coastal breeze on my neck.

And I remember last year’s fire. And think, Hot winds. Hot winds are not good.

I am still thankful for movement in the air and any lessening of the heat. So I think, Thank you for the wind. Please keep the firemen safe.

And wonder if it is still too hot to sleep.


where the art work comes from :
that is waking up 4 by mansel davies

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  1. Lucian Dixon

    The air moving makes me think of several things.

    The first thought was of Galileo saying (though no one knows who heard him say this) that the earth moved around the sun (‘eppur, si muove’), in spite of his having recanted saying this to the executioners of the Inquisition.

    The other thought was of Ingrid Bergman (or was it Gary Cooper?) in ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ saying that ‘the earth moved’.

    The Bergman scene is on my mind because I was just reading an amazing book about Hollywood during the 40s by Otto Friedrich which mentions how much Bergman wanted that part and, later, how scandalized Hollywood was about her affair with Roberto Rosselini.

    I know those hot winds – and the fires in the mountains. I hope that the winds this time don’t mean the fires. I have a good friend who lives in Santa Monica and even though the fires are nearly always far away, I still worry about her when they come.

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