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glass_appleA fellow teacher —

Masha Hamilton is organizing this and I think it would simplify things if instead of me answering individual questions the information just were all up in one place so here is the info from Masha Hamilton on the Afghanistan Women’s Writing Project :


Hi guys, in response to a real need, I’m starting up the Afghanistan Women’s Writing Project, working with young women in Afghanistan, in some of the most conservative provinces-Farah, Kandahar-as well as in Kabul and Herat,
to develop their writing. These are women who, when permitted to attend school, are often NOT encouraged to seek a higher education. They have such strong voices, [and what a wealth of experiences], and they just need development. Some are young journalists; others have studied briefly in the
states but are now back home, others hope to study here at some point. They all have workable English [sometimes excellent English] and access to a computer.

I’m seeking women writing teachers who might agree to rotating work online for three weeks or so with these young women over the next six to nine months. This is pro bono, but very rewarding. So much is happening in the country. We have no Afghan women writers that I know of, and I think that’s a loss… I was in Afghanistan in November and met some of these women, but most I do not know personally. If you might be interested and willing to work online with, say, six young women-giving them exercises, encouragement
and critiques-send an email to

What it would involve: connecting with the women by giving them your brief bio. [If they have not already filed bios, you will ask them to do the same.] Then once per week, say every Monday, offering a smorgasbord of exercises, maybe five or six for them to choose from — some less formal freewrites, some more formal exercises they might revise before offering.
Then going online once every day or other day to respond to their work. I would ask for a three — or four-week commitment. For scheduling purposes, let me know what weeks or months might work or not work for you. If you would be ready to jump in immediately, let me know.

I’m also seeking blog master who would be willing to set up a blog where we could acknowledge those teachers giving up their free time to be involved, linking to their websites or blogs, but where primarily we could get “out there” the works of these young women. The idea is that teachers who feel
they have student work ready to share could post it on the blog.

I know how busy everyone is; thank you so much for considering giving some time to this woman-to-woman project.


about masha hamilton :

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  1. This is cool.
    My friend and her family are from Afghanistan- the stories they told me were something else. It’s great that someone is trying to get them recorded-and that women are being asked to do it.

  2. Will Ms. Max be participating?

  3. max

    I do not know yet. Right now I am just trying to help her get the word out but whether or not I will have time to participate myself is up in the air I am stretched a little thin.

  4. Stiletto

    Oh, like Nike says, Just do it!

  5. max

    I have three classes and one workshop to run and the Nicholl reading and the script I am writing. I am just doing enough Miss Sassy.

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