the adventures of post turtle


Anita —

Posted this turtle joke. It cracks me up.


*say is someone kidding me or is the White House trying to suspend elections again?


where the art work comes from :
that is from apricot x

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  1. Blane was just asking me about that, if Bush could suspend the elections. Glad you posted that link, I’ll send it to him.

  2. max

    Bush’s people made an end run on suspending elections before the 2004 elections. They did not have enough pieces in place then though to even pretend that was legal and it met with such immediate and negative response even they got they could not pull that off then so they tabled it fast and quiet and went ahead with an “election.”

    Now they have four years groundwork laid and can pretend it is legal. Ironically using the financial disaster Bush has created to claim a “disaster” that necessitates a suspension of elections and then using the laws his people have laid in place to legalize a suspension of elections.

  3. I’m going to have nightmares now. And heartburn.

    Oh the horror.

  4. max

    Okay just stop that. When I go missing for you are the only person who can hit soldier of fortune and hire someone to get me out.

  5. max

    [p.s. tell them I supported Bo Griz it is a lie but might get you a discount if you say it]

  6. I am not sure which is worse – Bush or McCain/Palin.

  7. Dan

    This is usually the kind of thing that happens right before the killer robots show up.

    First, cancel the election. Second, build an army of unstoppable machine soldiers. (And you just know the killer robots won’t look anything like Summer Glau…so what’s the point, really?)

  8. The next time anyone says they haven’t made their mind’s up yet because they’re ” still considering ” have them watch this….its SUPPOSED to be funny. But you know, it’s hitting to close to home for me.

  9. max

    Anyone even considering voting for that pair is unsane.

  10. Damn straight I’d bail you out. Even if you won’t go down with me on Facebook. Hint, hint…

  11. max

    LOL! You crack me up.

  12. tj

    like i been sayin’ all along…4 more years!

    seriously though… got some pretty shady journalism going on in that article. there ain’t going to be no rigged or suspended elections. as much as i’d like to see 4 more years of bush, he’s a goner.

  13. max

    Your dog is voting for Obama.

  14. tj

    I just asked him if that was true and he started jumping around like it was. still, he’s going to need someone to fill out his ballot and i seriously question how well he reads. we’ll see if that vote actually gets cast….

  15. max

    Don’t make me come out there.

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