the a list


alphabet tilesYour vocabulary score is :


Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.


:::how’s your vocabulary:::


where the art work comes from :
that is stacks by corrina hughes

where i nabbed this quiz :
i swiped that from gwenda bond

0 Responses to the a list

  1. Dan

    I also have a multifarious vocabulary. Guess reading the encyclopedia when I was bored as a kid paid off, huh?

  2. max

    You bet. Um, how many times did the jocks can you for that?

  3. Looks like being a writer pays off, eh?

    I got an A also.

  4. B+

    Must be phlegmatic that got me…

  5. Dan

    Heh. They had to catch me first…and I was all crafty like Bugs Bunny.

  6. I gots me an A. Musta been all that fancy book larnin’… (I’m still saying the word “masticate” over and over, and giggling like a 10 year old boy.)

  7. A-
    that’s me
    almost there but not quite there yet

  8. B plus. Boo hoo. I think masticate did me in. I will have to chew on that.

  9. max

    Jeez. You have been playing with Frontier too much Pun Girl.

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