that's your boyfriend!


that’s your boyfriend


That is from Ms. Pants. [Ms. Pants is clearly the funniest woman in the world.] Who saw I was having a crap week so sent me a boyfriend.

The game is “That’s Your Boyfriend!”

General Rules: No take backs. No give backs. Extra points if the guy is talking to an invisible parrot or over eighteen posed with a muscle car.

I am so cracked up.

[Also my boyfriend is especially special he is not even posing by his own Camara he is posing by Camaros of others. That just makes you proud.]

[Also if you need a boyfriend Ms. Pants can wrassle one up for you she has become the darling o’ craigslist and has men throwing themselves at her in heaps she has spares.]


35 Responses to that’s your boyfriend!

  1. Why do I get the feeling this may morph into a whole new lolgenre?!

  2. max

    You should build the blog. There is cash and sponsors in this I am sure.

  3. david hasselhoff mit dem *unibrau*

    n i c e

  4. Birthday cash in 7 days. Or else, paycheck in 10.


  5. max


    Birthday cash is the best. Paychecks, eh, you worked for those so that is not like fun cash.

    [There are sure a lot of cancers around here. Stilletto, Valliant, Rain, you.]

    We could collaborate but I worry about how big that job could become. If it is all slap up the framework and let people make submissions that would not be too bad. Hmm. But it is your game and your idea.

  6. Oh here have a boyfriend, that is ultimate power! ….. bowing down to MS. Pants.

  7. max

    No no no, you have to say it with the proper amount of derision and an exclamation point. “That’s your boyfriend!”

  8. he he he ….. no problem.

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  10. Hand out Gummy Bear Porn as prizes and I’m in.

    I DID it I found a way to get GB in hoozah for me!


  11. max

    The things going through my mind are very evil.

  12. heeeheeeeheeeeeeeeee ;-)


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  14. Screw the Camaro..that guy has a huge package!

  15. max

    He does?

    Jeez, I did not get that far.

  16. OMG, look at this trousers!

  17. max

    I do not think that is him I think he has a gas pump jammed in his pocket.

  18. No way, Max! The pump…is in his HAND!

    His au natural…lol

    Hiz pump…iz all naturalz

  19. max

    “Oh hai! Im ur boifrend, mi pump iz all naturalz.”

  20. Heeheeheehee ok, you got me for a second chuckle.

    Ms. Pants is a Cancer too? See I was right she is cool.

  21. max

    There is a throng of cool cancers around here.

  22. Well I’m sure there are some cool…oh no…Aquarius? Please say I got that right…

  23. max

    Duty calls I will see you later cute stuff.

  24. You have to go to the bathroom all of a sudden? Oh I hate when that happens…

  25. haha got it..Feb 12!

  26. max

    Feb 12 is my birthday.

    You are fucking with my birthday?

    Bad idea.

  27. Huh?

    No – I was right that you are Aquarius!

  28. In other words, I haven’t completely lost my mind! It’s a good sign!

  29. max

    Yes. Aquarius. But with Capricorn moon and rising which means completely mixed up.

  30. I knew there was some Capricorn stuff going on there. Originally I thought you were on the cusp but when I searched I see you are not. However, maybe you mentioned it somewhere…your Capricorniness.

    OH, btw, you need a search engine lol

  31. BTW, I have an Aquarius moon which makes me emotionally distant and aloof, and a Gemini Venus which makes me…fickle. See it ain’t my fault.

  32. max

    Emotionally distant and aloof? What?

  33. Max, I think you and Timmi might oughta swap some imaginary boyfriend notes.

    Her I.B.’s name is Vito. Vito changes lightbulbs and rubs her feet and stuff.


  34. max

    Oh she is fun. Thanks JanieBelle.

  35. You’re welcome, and yes she is. I love her column in the local paper, and I just found her blog recently.

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