that's not a brain that's a penis


I told —

A guy on Twitter [let’s not name any names, erm, @MiltShook!] he really shouldn’t try to talk down to people more intelligent than him.

He said I overestimated myself.

That’s not really true. It’s not that I think I’m all that smart. It’s that I think he’s really really not smart.

Proving my theory, he immediately blocked and then responded to me.

[On Twitter, if you block someone before responding, the person won’t see your response. Unless, you know, they’re all interwebz savvy. :::cough:::]

Like I said. Really really not smart.

I’m constantly amazed though by a particular male reaction to me. There seems to be this unspoken opinion some men hold that, because they have penises, they are somehow endowed with across the board greater intelligence than women. I don’t know where that comes from. Everyone knows guys who think with their dicks are basically incapacitated. Yet still it persists: “Step back little lady and let someone with a penis brain tell you how it is.”

That’s not a brain. That’s a penis.


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  1. i was raised with 3 sisters and know better!

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