that's no ordinary rabbit

In honor of Easter, a return of the greatest bunny to ever appear in cinema. Yay!


[Sorry, Harvey, I love you too.]

ps : the funniest easter post i have seen yet is girl aj’s easter greeting

pps : is it wrong i have watched this twenty-five times and still laugh?

24 Responses to that’s no ordinary rabbit

  1. I hope that is not my Easter Bunny. I’m expecting chocolates.

    Happy Easter, Max.

  2. max

    Happy Easter, Kit.

    Um, flame throw the bunny. It is the only way to be sure.

  3. max

    Happy Easter you. Smooch!

  4. I have my creme brulee flame thrower. I don’t know if I can take him with that, but it could end up being a good sauce piquant lapin.

  5. max

    I am thinking the black wreath is over the top. Lillies are always good though….

  6. Bunnies never fooled Anya.
    They’re the scariest things she cold imagine.

  7. Sulya

    Ah, max, thou art a truly kindred spirit.

    That bunny sketch has held a place in my heart for many a year. I met a guy once – first guy I ever really loved actually – because I was doing that sketch with a friend and as we passed him and his friend he joined in on the RUNAWAYs! Fake British accents and all.

    Should have known it would bring me grief considering it had a killer bunny as cupid (and I was the only one struck with an arrow) but c’est la vie.

    Happy Easter to all! May the bunnies be fluffy with fangs, the chocolate have delectably high cocoa percentages and the flame throwers throw with the heat of a nova!

  8. max

    I say share the bunny love.

  9. max

    [Woeful is a Buffy fan. Who knew?]

  10. Ah Shucks Max, this is even better then candy-

    Happy Easter to you


  11. I’m a Buffy fan, and a Joss Whedon fan in general… (as an aside, I’m also a big Aaron Sorkin fan).

  12. Happy Easter Max ! I broke into my sisters house ( I mean I am checking on her cat) and had a party so I don’t have my avatar.

  13. aj

    Happy Easter, Adams.

  14. max

    Happy Easter. [You ate the whole bunny, didn’t you AJ?]

  15. Wow… first an invite from Anita to build a wooden badger, and now this… ahhhhhh

  16. aj

    The fact that I am now eating a cadbury favourites pack could indicate the bunny is no longer.

  17. max

    I shudder to think what has gone on in between the demise of the bunny and the impending doom of the cadbury favourites pack.

  18. I ate a whole line of Peeps last night. I must have been bad this year, I didn’t get a chocolate bunny. I couldn’t find a chocolate bunny anywhere.
    Man, what’s up with that?

  19. Boy
    You can say bye-bye to your cut Max.

  20. LMAO! I’m going to show this to my nephew and ask:

    “Doesn’t this remind you of Grandma?”

    I’ll never look at a seemingly innocuous little bunny the same way again. Although they could be the death of me, I’m highly allergic to them.

    Oh, Happy Belated Easter! Hope you didn’t rot your teeth out too bad!

  21. max

    “Mom, is that you?”

    You crack me up Stilletto.

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