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typewriterOkay, so I have —

This workshop I run. And at the moment I am moving certain types of information off the main seemaxrun site in an effort to compartmentalize or whatever, hey, it is a little whacky right now, but, you guys are here, so here is the workshop info :

5150 The Workshop

My main goal at the moment, and this will sound sexist as hell but it is not, is to bring some male voices into the 5150 workshop. It is off balance gender speaking at the moment. If you rock and are a girl, hey, I will take you. I do not turn down talent even if you have a green tail or something. I just am trying right now to make some sort of gender balance happen there. Which could, um, go tragically wrong.


[ps : hey, also, do not go crazy sending in you are steven spielberg here using a hotmail address, everyone has to send in real id to join this shop and that is not a “we are kidding” sitch, that is solid]


where the art work comes from :
i lifed that from aj

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