that workshop thing


typewriterSo I run —

This workshop online where people who are mad cap talented share pages to get feedback on works in progress and we have some people on leave of absence right now which frees up some chairs so —

If there are any mad cap talented screenwriter types out there looking for an online workshop environment to get peer review on work in progress go check it out :

:::that workshop thing:::


*note, you must submit a script writing sample and you have to exhibit a certain level of ability to be accepted so if you just started writing scripts and are still a beginner you may not be ready for this workshop — do not feel bad about that though everyone starts out a beginner


0 Responses to that workshop thing

  1. californiablogging

    oooo I want to try again!

  2. max

    Jeesh you do not have time for a workshop and you know it.

  3. californiablogging

    Denial is my main coping skill, sometimes it just plays crazy.

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