that walk o' fame

walk o’ fameSo WordPress featured the emergency pet food recall post as a blog o’ the minute.

I am not sure how they pick those or when or where or why.

During its momentary brush with fame the post got viewed.

A lot.

Maybe a few more four footers will make it through because that got out more.

Me, I think every blog belonging to someone with an animal or anyone who has ever loved an animal or anyone who knows anyone who has an animal should have something on there about this.

When dogs and cats start dropping dead because 40 plus major brand name pet food companies all buy their food from one source and that source just shipped pet poison instead of pet food that is a problem.

[See Menu Foods’ list of recalled pet foods and the FDA’s recall of pet foods manufactured by Menu Foods page.]

LaBelle brought up the raw food diet.

The raw food diet brought Dolph back when vets told me it was over put him down.

We got three more years.

::: dolph :::

12 Responses to that walk o’ fame

  1. Max is hot.

    Saving animals from dying a horrible death due to food poisoning is hotter.

  2. max

    Hey, Tommy. I have not seen you around for a while.

  3. I think that may have something to do with the fact that I actually haven’t been around lately.

    I’d be around more if wordpress would pay my bills, provide for my retirement and hook me up with a date once in a while. However, since those aren’t going to happen, I have to venture out into the real world to get those things done.

  4. max

    Wow that is so inconvenient.

  5. It is inconvenient isn’t it? Damn these intertubes! It’s always take take take.

  6. I haven’t heard of blog of the minute, but I’ve been on Blog of the Day twice. If you get linked in some hot shot blogger’s post (like Pooks’) that’ll do it to you. I’m pretty sure that’s what did it to mine.

  7. max

    “Still work hard to maintain”? Jeez.

    Kitty, I think the Mark who stopped by and posted in “this is so wrong” was WordPress Mark and I think he stuck it up there. That is just a guess though.

  8. I didn’t know it existed until I got a ton of hits from there. For me, it was the “Fastest Growing Blogs” part of Blogs of the Day. I had just started posting daily versus every 3-7 days. They use some sort of formula to calculate hits you used to get to the ones you got that day, and by hits it may mean from different IP addresses.

  9. max

    To distinguish that they would have to be distinguishing between unique visitors and just visits to the page, which I am sure they can do. They do not do it in the main dashboards though.

    I get a little weirded out when a post suddenly gets bonzo hits for no explicable reason I can see. Like, uh oh, now I guess I better say something real clever and witty because company is coming. But for the pet food recall, it needed to get out and I think that is working so that was a good thing.

  10. Max,

    Just a huge thanks for spreading the word and being so passionate about this. I made a feeble attempt on my blog, but you are really kicking ass with this all over the Net, and I wanted to send out a big WHO-YAH!

    Cheers to you for helping the pets!

  11. max

    Hey, Angela, if you are posting, you are helping.

    A big WHO-YAH back at you.

  12. max

    I am getting worried here. I keep hearing about sick dogs and cats that were not on brands from Menu Foods. And they are coming down with liver failure too. I do not think at this point it is safe to be feeding animals any manufactured dog and cat food till something gets figured out here because something is very wrong and not just with the Menu Foods recalls.

    For a continuation of this discussion please go to

    I would like to consolidate in one topic.

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