that strike thing : part ii : surrendering america



Is the most important post on the writers strike I have read.

Toni wrote it.

Pooks linked it.

And everyone in this country should read it :

:::surrendering america:::


*By the way there are only two entities corportions answer to : Advertisers and shareholders. Every website showing “free” show episodes and movies is selling advertising. Stop watching. iTunes pays for shows and movies and resells them. Stop buying.


where the art work comes from :
that is mer02 by ian sanderson

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  1. You know, people make such a big deal about the ability to access songs, shows, and movies quickly and cheaply, but very few folks ever stop to ask how those things are offered so cheap…

    It’s, well, because the actual creators of the work are treated, more often than not, like outsourced creativity factories, unworthy of a decent paycheck.

    Like any blockbuster film or play would be anything without the hundreds of folks behind the camera and off-set who make the actors look pretty and the directors appear genius…

    Heh, off my soapbox for now.

  2. max

    Soapbox is a good look for you. It makes your eyes look pretty.

    The corporate entertainment entities could still dish out media at the same prices they are doing now and pay the writers though. The companies claiming it would kill them to pay a royalty showed an 80% rise in profits. Out of that, they could surely pay writers a small percentage. Rather than paying writers a percentage of that though, they are demanding writers take no percentage, and also take cuts pay, royalties, and healthcare they already have. This is on purpose, the companies wanted and forced a strike. It is in their best interests to break the union and at the moment they have a source of revenue created by writers that will not support or pay writers but will support and pay them while they try to do that.

  3. Brut

    2009 will be the 100th ANNIVERSARY. Corporate America can celebrate. Have a Ball. One hundred years of screwing artists. There is nothing new. No new news to report. Artists have been getting ripped off year after year with every new “technological” advance since the U.S Copyright Law of 1909 gave them the right as to how their work is used. It started in Nightclubs, then Movie Theatres, Records, Commercial Radio, Sound Movies, Television, Cable, and every new gadget or passing craze where some company could make bundles of moolah on someone elses back… usually an artist’s. This shit is not going to stop until screenwriters can stop the outright selling of their copyright. Some serious butt kicking has to take place on those “representing” the writers. Until then keep an eye out for good prices on a Ball Gown.

  4. Thank you, max. Really appreciated your post here and the comment over on Murderati.

  5. max

    Thanks for writing it. It is important information and should be put into words and put out there. Which will not happen on any network owned news programs.

  6. Kym

    Thanks for keeping us out in the hinterlands apprised of what’s happening. I’m rooting for you and I keep passing on the information I read hear.

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