that holiday in may

Usually I would skate through mother’s day without a word but this is too funny [and probably all over the net but I do not care] to not put up.


6 Responses to that holiday in may

  1. I don’t know which of my sons leaked that out onto the internet but they are SO cut out of my will.

  2. I’m pretty sure those guys are somehow related to my kids…. ;)

  3. Well MS T…that would probably have something to do with the fact WE GREW UP TOGETHER.


  4. Holy Moly!!! This is my brothers to this day!! The only problem is this… Like their Basque and Black Irish forebears, they would have ended up finishing the video with bloody noses and black eyes, still in their scuffed clothes and scowls!!! And yes, I would have been in the middle of it too!!!

  5. LOL! Just like my sons.

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