that core thing


granular synthesisSo that core thing

[Um, it is in comments scroll damn you.]

That is a convo Kitty and I had a long time ago.

We were talking about old people.

[Okay more specifically parents — sorry parents to us you just always will appear old good Christ you did give birth to us what do you want a christening party?]

About how sometimes people as they get older seem to change.

I said I think people as they get older do not change. I think all people have a core. That as people get older, the filters and pretty facades wear away and people become just more and more their core. And if it is a nice core? The person appears to become nicer. And if it is a mean core? The person appears to become meaner. But that is not really a change that is a revealing of core.

I do not know how smart that is.

Kitty thought it was smart though.

She said she would sock me if I did not post it too.

Say that is kind of mean….

*okay just kidding about that sock me part — kitty said she would sock me if i did not say that too :::scamper:::


where the art work comes from :
that is by cinema cowgirl

8 Responses to that core thing

  1. “I do not know how smart that is.”

    That is alien smart.

    I did not say I would sock you I said I would kill you so hard you would die to death. Or something like that. Kidding, I stole that, it comes from someone else’s wicked core.

  2. cvcobb01

    And what if the core does change? What causes that sort of thing?

    Can anything? And if some big thing can, what is that thing?

    Because I think it happened to me.

  3. Lucia

    Interesting. This way you don’t have to decide whether the human nature is good or evil. You don’t have to worry about Eve’s apple, just focus on the core. Some people believe that the core is more nutritious than the flesh. Yeah, “core”‘s damn important. I hope my core has not been clouded too much by all those theories and education I got so far if it’s a good one, on the other hand if it’s a bad one, hmm, I guess I just have to turn on the TV 24/7.

  4. max

    I do not think cores “change” but I think they can evolve or stagnate and, during an evolving process, you can change course or directions.

  5. I like the philosophy you’ve got going here – on the inner people whom we all are, whether we know it or not. Right now, today, my external core is soft and flabby. But it’s nothing I can’t change with a little ab work and cardio. Meanwhile, my inner core is nice and filled with holiday spirit. ;-)

  6. My core changed. I went from flabalicious to a six pack.

    Oh wait. We’re talking about another type of core,huh?

    This is very thought provoking. I’ll use my mother as an example. You’d think she get mellow with age? Well, she’s either on meds or she’s just got less energy but she’s still mean as a snake. I don’t ever see her core changing.

    However, I think when you have some sort of major epiphany, such as a spiritual manifestation or life changing insight – I think your core can radically change.

  7. max

    Well she is probably just going to get meaner Stil — and less inclined to cover it.

  8. Oh, she’s got a huge belly now. She’ll totally be able to hide it. heehee

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