Today I give thanks for food and shelter. I have done without both in my lifetime. And you see a lot of people doing without both in Hollywood. Especially on a day like today, a holiday when the streets go quiet, the people are gone – except for the people who have nowhere to go. They are still there. In alleys. In doorways. Quietly weathering the holiday alone, often on an empty stomach, on what is going to be a long, dark, cold night.

There but for the grace of God go I.

Thank you God.


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  1. Amen to that, Max.

    I think about those people in the alleys too. It is something I can never get used to.

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  4. max

    I had not seen the prone to randomness question before now. I am sort of in a mood so will tread softly past at the moment

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  6. Max

    Hmm. It is 2017 and I am linking this post on FB. And looking at those “prone to randomness” questions, “Have you ever given money to a homeless person?” Those questions sure kept coming. All the way to 2012 six years after the original post?

    I have no idea if I have given money to a “homeless” person. When I give money to someone on the street, I don’t ask for a home address. I am not a census worker. I don’t know whether someone has a home or not. I just know someone looks cold and hungry. I have given money to people who looked cold and hungry. I have written checks to fellow artists who were cold and hungry too, when I had the resources to do it. I don’t always have those resources. I am an artist, sometimes swank in cash, sometimes not. It is the nature of the beast in the arts, sometimes you have a lot, sometimes you do not.

    Thing is, if you’re talking about people asking for cash on the street? I don’t know if they have a “home.” I also don’t know how you define “home.” I mean, what, is that a home that is owned? An apartment that is rented? A squatter’s spot in some building off the main path in a city? That’s a stupid question. Define “home” before you come back here with dumb questions about the “homeless.”

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