texting with stiletto


Me: I found a take out box and sandals by the couch.
Stil: I forgot to throw those away.
Me: I put the box in the fridge. I fear it.
Stil: That fish is no good.
Me: Maybe I should put it in the freezer to stop decomp.
Stil: That should go in the trash.
Me: Trash is three flights of stairs.
Stil: Oops. Freezer.


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  1. If it was gefilte, I might have made the trash trip. See, she’s already putting you on a guilt trip.

  2. max

    It was sushi. You know you cannot put sushi in the house trash and I was too afraid to open the box to try garbage disposal.

  3. I never have to put sushi in the house trash because there’s never any left over! Plus I have a chute on my floor :)

  4. I’m in spam. Er, fish me out ?

  5. max

    Got you.

    I got more facebook email today gah!

    Check your email.

  6. We need an update on the fish.

  7. max

    Oops. Um, the thing about having something in the freezer… I keep forgetting to take it out with the trash. So it is living in the ice age right now. [That is bad feng shui, bad, Max, bad.]

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