tetrizz upstart

There is a new tetrizz player on the big dog board.


Gar just slammed home 911,520.

I will repeat that.


That is third place.



In the highest scores ever.

What the hell kind of upstart comes from out of nowhere and first thing takes third place?


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  1. It was me! Muhahahaha!

    Just kidding, Miss Max, just kidding.

    Beginner’s luck, maybe?

  2. It’s a plot.

    I’ll bet the Tetrizz guys put a fake score in so that all these people would flood the site to try and beat the score and that woulddrive their numbers up.

    Anyway…that’s what I’d do.

    Wow that’s an evil thought.

  3. Anita Marie has something there. I was thinking one of the big dogs made up an new screen name to save face in case he can’t catch you.

  4. max

    I thought about someone maybe changing their handle. But why? Third highest of all time is a score you put up and use your handle to mark it. And no one is rigging those scores. It is almost impossible to get that high for regular players, it is a high high bar just with them no one needs to fake those. But here gar comes prancing in and just bam, 900,000. Cripes.

  5. Good point, Max. I’d want to own up to it.

  6. aj

    Who the hell calls themselves Gar anyhow.

    I think you go low, stoop to name calling.

  7. Hmmm…so it’s not sabotoge- voodoo maybe?
    Just a thought

  8. Okay, the previous #1 guy was teaching his son how to play Tetrizz and when he began to lose, he grabbed the mouse and said, “Lemme do it, bo-yee.”
    That is how it happened.

  9. max

    AJ is right. This totally justifies going low and bad name calling.

  10. I agree with Kitty it is probably some 6 year old kid.

  11. max

    Oh like that will stop me from going low and bad name calling. I think not.

  12. He is probably that poor kid you beat at basketball.

  13. max

    Better not be I know where that kid lives.

  14. Dammnit Max, I can’t even get a single point in that game.

  15. And I still don’t know how to play.

  16. max

    Kitty, surely you can get one point.

    Still, you just turn and move the pieces with the arrow keys on the keypad, and when you have a solid row going across, that row clears and gives you points.

    Epy is back playing. Gar must have startled Epy too. Epy is out of practice and getting low scores. Come back, Epy, come back. [Epy used to pound my butt when I first started making it onto the big dog board and is the reason I had to get good, it was revenge.]

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