tetrizz collapse

Oh. My. God.

The Tetrizz high scores all reset to zero today.


No gar? No sawdust willy? No cujo?!?


*i have of course outwitted the tetrizz gods there is proof cujo was there


6 Responses to tetrizz collapse

  1. That was great. A little old school diversion for a few minutes — distracted me from my bloody back.

  2. max

    Wow, that is some sparkley tetrizz.

  3. max

    Oh the Tetrizz board is just mocking my pain all the old scores are back to remind me cujo was beaten by upstarts gar and sawdust willy.

  4. I’m sorry. I cannot get excited over a game I do not understand.

    But if you are happy, I am happy. And if you are sad, I am sad.

  5. max

    You are a good friend, Stil. Smooch!

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