ten things i learned in hollywood



About Restaurants : Beware the salad it is an art form in Hollywood and does not arrive in nice manageable bite size chunks.

About Cell Phones : If a cell phone is going to cut off mid-conversation it will cut off during the most important part of the conversation.

About Parking Lots : The day you are running late for a meeting will be the day the studio decides to do parking lot construction.

About Addresses : Confirm addresses before you leave for a meeting it is no fun arriving at an abandoned office because the person you are meeting just thought you knew he moved across town.

About Canceling : You will not get points for showing up the day the plumbing explodes you will lose points for showing up soaked and frazzled cancel.

About Printers : Never say “the script is printing send the messenger” within a printer’s hearing the printer will immediately stress and break.

About Dating : Never trust your guy writer pal’s judgement about whom he should give your phone number to.

About Humor : Studio executives do not think it is funny when you say you have to get off the phone now Super Man is at the window.

About Clothes : Do not wash meeting clothes the day of a meeting things just do not go well when you discover your whites have all turned pink a half hour before.

About Hair : Do not walk past let alone enter a hair salon the day before a formal event unless you truly believe baseball caps are a nice accessory to black velvet.


where the art work comes from :
that is palm one from roeyahram

2 Responses to ten things i learned in hollywood

  1. So……..

    Hollywood is a breeding ground for that infectious monster known as “Murphy’s Law,” eh?

  2. max

    Oh these are not Murphy laws these are Max laws. I do not know anyone named Murphy.

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