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Ten Awesome Things That Would Happen if Health Care Reform Passes

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It appears the GOP’s statistics are pretty damn questionable since insurance companies, unable to beat statistics, just went ahead and bought the company that provided statistics in order to bury numbers they do not like —

Research Firm Cited by GOP Is Owned by Health Insurer

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It might be eye opening to notice an organization originally set up to provide medical care to third world countries like, oh, Africa, is having to cut Africa loose in order to address a population in more trouble: The people of The United States of America:

Third World Scene With an American Setting

Is that right? The United States of America is in worse shape than Africa? Yes. Exactly.

[I do not have to mention the blue thing again do I?]


Two Democrats are not lying down. Yay! Barney Frank — who is Jewish AND gay. He is from Massachusetts. [Wow I hope I spelled that right.]

[I wonder how much Barney Frank dug being asked why he is supporting Nazis? Jewish AND gay in Nazi Germany means a yellow star AND a pink star right?]




Anthony Weiner. Anthony Weiner is the Pitt Bull of health care reform. I cannot imagine him ever running out of energy — or contempt for the “Repub” party. He is from New York.

[I so wish he was from California. Feinstein is totally embarrassing me with her “not decided” sash — do not think ANYONE is going to forget your “not decided” ways Feinstein.]





where the art work comes from :
that is from library of congress

0 Responses to ten awesome things….

  1. I’m looking at your first graphic and thinking that’s what we need. A March.

  2. Kym

    The research firm piece made me mad. How can they be allowed to be called independent?!

  3. I’m on your side Max, ’cause you gotta know, that healthcare stuff works in Canada.

  4. max

    Doug, yay! Kym, when you have as much money as the insurance companies do and do not like the research numbers, doy, just buy the research company. Crafty, huh? Kitty, you know I think someone is planning a march in October. You should go.

  5. Andrew

    Historical nitpick: For the record, the Nazis made homosexuals wear pink triangles, not yellow stars, like Jews.

    I only point this out because the pink triangle went on to become a symbol of homosexual pride and power.

    Just FYI.

    I obviously agree with all the other stuff!

  6. max

    Wow that was cheap of them. So the Jews got two triangles to make a star, but the homosexuals only got one triangle to make… a triangle? The homosexuals were SO DISSED!

  7. Go Barney, go Anthony! Diane, no answer = wrong answer!

  8. max

    I love these guys. I think Weiner is totally presidential material too, he is engaged to Hillary’s aid so he is going to be married right too.

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