Close to the rescue

jean-paul gaultier after the just sent me super model email.

Really. They did. Unleash Your Inner Super Model.

That is hilarious to me. Not only can I get tarot card readings to tell me about love and career, is plugged in and can get me spiffy skin cream that will fix both up in a jiff.

Hey thanks

[I did not even know I had an inner super model to unleash.]

Now I have to just figure out if I am brave enough to open this other email [not from] Are You As Smart as a Fifth Grader?

I think I have a fighting chance there. I passed fifth grade and that fifth grader could still bomb out.

the spiffy outfit :
that is after the wedding by jean-paul gaultier

10 Responses to to the rescue

  1. I know this is wrong on so many levels, but I actually like the boots. You know, in theory, if I was that skinny and tall and didn’t live in the south and had enough money and…

    …okay, I have depressed myself again. damnit.

  2. max

    Toni, anyone wearing those boots gets tall and skinny enough just by putting them on. All you have to worry about after that is balance and gravity.

  3. You didn’t mention the Karma Coins they offer- I’m still sorting that one out.

    Now I’m off to do research on being buried alive and Gummy Bear Sex…Karma Coins- geeze I mean GEEEZE

  4. max

    I am from the humanities.I can barely manage U.S. currency.

  5. You can have the boots Toni, I want that swirling romantic supermodel superhero after-the-wedding cape. Now.
    I need to hitch it to Paris soon.

  6. max

    It is going to be so embarassing when we all show up to a party in the same outfit.

  7. I’ll be the one with the bag on my head…super models- you guys are so funny.

    Now me, I want to be a Super Hero- like the one that catches on fire and rides a motorcyle ( not sure about the movie but the ads are cool )


  8. max

    Anita, you are a super hero.

    Try not to catch on fire though.

  9. Max, I veto that outfit. Superheros are supposed to wear less clothing. I’m sure Janie agrees with me.

  10. max

    Damn. Back to the parochial school girl outfit.

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