tale of the white ninja squirrel


white ninja squirrelStil and I were talking —

About the hilarity of this drunken squirrel photo I natch had to swipe off her site [post to come later] because small debauched mammals are amusing to me for no reason I [or my family] can or really want to know —

And she told me about the white squirrel.

This was when she lived with The Weasel [I do not know The Weasel’s real name I just go with what I know though that makes posts here come out like episodes from Wind in the Willows sometimes] and there was a resident white squirrel. And immediately I wanted pictures but it was a stealth squirrel so there were not photos.

Good thing I am a fixer and went right out and found photos of a white squirrel or there would be no post today.

ps : i so love that photo i may have to write a real fairy tale to go with the white ninja squirrel photo


where that squirrel photo came from :
that is white squirrel by stickware

15 Responses to tale of the white ninja squirrel

  1. I have seen black squirrels. Never white ones.
    He does look all fairy tale-ish.

  2. I’ve never seen a white one either.

  3. I once knew a “kamikaze squirrel”. One of the boring grey ones. It would start to cross the road in front of my van, see me, turn back, change it’s mind, change it again, and again, and so on so that the net effect was that it ran around in circles in the middle of the road. I once ran right over the top of it and was glad to see in my mirror that I had passed without harming it. Stupid rodent!

  4. max

    That squirrel worked for an insurance company Martyne. It is a diabolical plot between insurance companies and squirrels to jack up your rates.

  5. The swines, and they are not even porcine! I have been duped.

  6. I’ve seen three albino squirrels in my time… I’m not proud.

  7. max

    I do not think all white squirrels are albino, from the pictures I have been seeing and what I have been reading, there are straight up white squirrels that are not albino it is their natural coloration and no red eyes.

  8. sulya

    YEY! YEY! There haven’t been squirrel’ish things since I first met you, max, and then they were lookin’ like hitler – this one is the supermodel of the mensa set of squirrels. I can just tell…

    I have seen grey squirrels. Black squirrels. And, now I see tiny little brown squirrels – bigger than chipmunks but chipmunkish.

    I have never seen a white squirrel. I would imagine that would be a sight to see.

    The squirrel of peace? The squirrel of destiny? The squirrel who had a run-in with a bottle of bleach but survived?

  9. max

    There was a squirrel on the ranch that was madcap in love with Jones — I am going to save this story for a post.

  10. I have black squirrels on my patio and once, when we took the chair away from the railing, one got stuck and couldn’t get back in the tree so it came inside, poked around the livingroom, checked out the kitchen, and then the bathroom. We eventually built it a little ramp: I think it’s too old and gimpy to jump back on the railing.

    And if you do write the fairy tale of the squirrel, add in the white koala, too.

  11. max

    That could get tricky kowalas have two thumbs and you know that would cause thumb rivalry there could be bloodshed.

  12. I am glad you liked my squirrel photo ;)

  13. max

    It is my all time favorite squirrel photo. [smile]

  14. gelene

    I have a lovely blonde squirrel (with blue eyes) living in big oak tree in my back yard in Conyers, Georgia. We enjoy watching him/her? scamper about.

  15. max

    What a cool squirrel. I have never seen a squirrel with blue eyes.

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