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Jennifer went and tagged me. I am barely familiar with the tag scenario. When Thinking Girl did that to me I was wandering lost and confused looking for email till I tramped to her site to say “hey I cannot find your email what tag” and realized it was an onsite thing. That is like when Pooks hit me with a “meme.” I am not real blog savvy. I have been, I guess, doing something like blogging since 2000, but that was on a website, not in the blog universe, so, all these things are new to me and I am catching up and sometimes stumble around a while before I exactly get it. [Also I think some of these things are really nefarious incarnations of spam but I try to be polite and not say that.]

Blogs are funny. I read people’s blogs and they will say, “I went out into the world today and took these photos because I had to have something to put on the blog.” Computer people being forced into the world to provide food for the blog. That is so an opposite of what computer worlds used to be, ways to view the world from behind a glass shield. With ignore and off switches so that, if someone was too unruly or made you uncomfortable, click they were gone. But you did find the whole world. You were no longer locked into one small place with people who were nothing like you and never would be there was a world and if you went into it, sometimes, you found people like you. Which can make you feel smaller if you thought you were one of a kind, but can make you heave relief when you know, for certain sure and finally, it is not just you.

[That ignore thing works in outside life too. If someone comes up to you in a grocery store and is too impetuous for your mood that day you can just say “Ignore” real loud and turn your back and just like on the computer they will usually give you an odd look but they will also usually go away.]

So now people’s computers force them into the world, instead of providing safety glass, and communities are built, and tumble, and are built again. People gather. People wander. People delve. More than half the people I know well enough to tell my secrets to, I know from the computer. An odd world. But it is my world. And it is evolving. So I evolve too.

And here I am tagged. So, with perverse daring and lack of forethought or experience I tag these sites:

Thinking Girl [it is a thinking award, doy, it ought to go to a thinking girl]

Beats Entropy [and I am not going to tell you why but it is funny to me they are using words like libertarianism like candy over there]

Janie [who is totally made up but involved in some form of civil unrest every day and I like that and also being made up is okay there are times I think I am made up too]

TJ [because TJ always says what he thinks no matter how imprudent the thought]

Kitty [Kitty is my best model of what families not composed of crazy people who distrust and fear each other are like I have not seen much of that in my life it is fascinating to me and something to maybe attempt to emulate in my own odd way]

Stiletto [Stilletto talks about things interesting every day and also she has a Scottish Fold cat which is mesmerizing and also her site appears to be missing what is up with that Still?, I am linking you anyway]

Yeah, I know, that is six. You thought I would follow rules?

You forgot where you were. Also it did not say “only five.” Also I suspect the entropy guys are too cool to tag. Also Stilletto appears missing in action so really my tagging skills sort of suck. Oops.


what this tag is all about : this is the thinking blogger award tag

special thanks to : jennifer who thinks i am interesting

ps : stilletto, where is your blog?

53 Responses to tagging frenzy

  1. Interesting. I’ve always liked these kinds of posts. It’s a great way to find new and talented bloggers instead of wading through hundreds of OSX vs. Windows vs. Linux blogs.

  2. Fast and Smart! Just like I said! You’ve got your targets, I mean your tags up already! I was hoping you or Pooks would tag Kitty, honestly, she makes me laugh more than anything. Since I did this to you…..(.hey, is this an award or am I selling Amyway now? ) I am going to check out all of your tags. I already knew Kitty and I have check out TJ but I never check out Thinking girl, I thought I might set off an alarm or something……….

  3. max

    Thinking Girl is very smart. She only talks about deep socially conscientious things and some of those are depressing to me in too big doses so I can only visit sometimes and have to stop myself from smacking people on the head when I do — in some attempt to be a polite guest.

  4. Oh my god! I am number six! I am like that girl who gets picked last for the volleyball team! Boo hoo hoo!

    Just kidding. Thanks, Max, as though I am not freakin’ out about MORE publicity, I had to password protect to take this all in. That and a VALIUM!

  5. PS Thinking Girl is VERY smart and astute and all those things that make brainy girls tick.

  6. max

    You are not number six that is alphabetical.

  7. When I saw that Jennifer had tagged you and Pooks, I thought, oh no, i have that same feeling as in high school when I didn’t make the cheerleading team.
    When I started reading this post I was thinking, oh good, Max is not going to play the game, whew.
    And then I saw you did do it and…
    I feel like I just made cheerleader. Finally.

    Thanks, Max.

  8. aj

    Thank fuck you didn’t tag me. It sounds exhausting.

  9. max

    There will be orientation and then nutritious snacks. Do not forget to pick up your pom poms and uniform before you go. That goes double for TJ, Valliant and EngTech.

  10. max

    You and I are going in at Susan’s in five days AJ. I could not tag you. One of us has to conserve our strength.

  11. I’ll say this Max- you tagged some great blogs!
    I’ve been visiting all the ones you listed and they’re great-

    and this is why I think so…

    I think the hardest part about writing is to get over your fear of being read- go figure there are blogs DEVOTED to not being published and what that experience is like.

    All of the blogs you listed have these great writers who just jump in and it’s just so friggin’ fearless.

    I love that..

    High fives all around…

    MOO ( ha! )


  12. Wait! Kittly, You are on the Top of my Best of Blog Roll THAT I was already working on before this,”nefarious incarnation of spam!” so in my mind you already have TOP HONORS! To be fair Kitty, you should admit right here and now……..YOU still owe me a dare! LOL Besides, I kind of fixed it. : )

  13. Yeah, I guess you are right. Ok, whew. I guess that makes it all better. (Kissing my boo boo).

  14. max

    Well Anita coming from you that is a big compliment you are the queen of the dark twist ending and know writing that grabs people — literally.

  15. Thanks, Jennifer, you did fix that.

    Aj, you are not safe, I’ve been tagged. And Anita, you would be on my list too, definately.

  16. Kitty, I always meant you when “nicest blogger” was left anonymous. Max, Your blog is a great place for group therapy. Thanks!

  17. max

    Hmm. It looks to me like people are getting rivalrous over compliments and links.

    Go to your rooms. No tv for a week.

  18. Well, thank god you didn’t say eat your vegetables! Yuck!

  19. max

    I am a humanitarian I would not do that.

  20. Vegetables have feelings too.

  21. “Also I suspect the entropy guys are too cool to tag”

    We are pretty fucking cool[1].
    Trend setters and iconoclasts the lot of us.

    [1] Pardon the language. The school I train MMA (mixed Martial arts…think UFC type stuff) at had five guys fighting at event tonight so I’m both liquored up and filled with adrenaline. Impairs my judgment you see.

  22. max

    Ooh la la.

    Which styles do you mix?

  23. Gee, how much studlier can you be, AJ? Irish people [you are Irish, right?] on liquor and martial arts, a devastating combo indeed. Max swooneth.

  24. I currently train primarily Muay Thai for striking, and BJJ (brazillian Jui Jitsu) for submission, and Free style wresting and Judo for take downs. We have a couple MMA classes a week the combine the lot of them and focus of transition from striking to takedowns, ground striking and submiting while being struck, working the clinch against the fence.

    Here is me with my tough guy face in the cage after our last fights at King of the Cage Canada.

  25. Um, I will take the guy lying on the floor, if not available I’ll settle for middle row far right, and please add BJJ for submission. Thanks.

  26. “Gee, how much studlier can you be, AJ?”

    In all fairness I’m an Irish Canadian being judged against Californian men…it’s difficult not to seem rugged.

  27. max

    Wait. I will type a response as soon as I stop laughing.

  28. max

    God he is right. I have to move.

  29. max

    Also that is a very nice pic but you guys look awfully nice for mean tough MA guys.

  30. No they don’t. They look like the type that would pin you down into submission and impose some alpha male shit on you.

    Just up my alley…..

  31. “Um, I will take the guy lying on the floor, if not available I’ll settle for middle row far right”

    Wade..really not what I would have expected. Still I suppose you dig the older men. Might be tad short..and he is newly and very happily married. Your other choice is kind of gorilla looking in person. The best looking dudes didn’t photograph well there, but you’d probably dig second from the left in the middle row, or far right in the back row in real life.

  32. “Also that is a very nice pic but you guys look awfully nice”

    Honestly, we generally are very nice. Certainly tough, but largely bright, respectful, honorable sorts that you would leave you purse unattended with. Once you get past the insecure teenage stage grown up tough people are usually very mellow decent…nothing to prove and disciplined makes for very cool demographic.

  33. max

    [[[kind of gorilla looking in person]]]

  34. Close. I like older and much younger, just skip over the whole thirties range. And yes, I did notice the second from the left one. Absolutely dead on about that.

  35. max

    I had a MA teacher who kept telling me I should take bjj. But I was stubborn so he would sigh and put up with my flights of fancy. I do not like the ground much. It might be more fun with some Irish Canadian though.

  36. “Close. I like older and much younger,”

    Why do I get the feeling the younger ones would be returned much worse for the wear. You seem like a very cool chick Stiletto, but I suspect you a ego crushing heart squasher of some renown.

  37. “I do not like the ground much. It might be more fun with some Irish Canadian though.”

    Few things are less fun with Irish Canadians. Possibly shopping… we have limited materialism and patience.

  38. max

    What is fun with Irish Canadian guys?

  39. Max, I don’t know but just for you I’ll make it my duty to meet encounter. This great sacrifice, all for you.

  40. max

    You are a true giver Stilletto.

  41. Yes, many people don’t even realize the goldmine of virtue that lies beneath..sigh…

    And before I go to sleep – AJ – no comment!

  42. max

    I had it set up for him to tell me what was fun with him for like two seconds there. Damn.

  43. Oh no! Did I ruin it? Shucks. I’m off to sleep.

  44. max

    Night, you. Sweet dreams.

  45. AJ (the dude one), My husband and son do BJJ. In the last 5 years I’ve watched MMA fighting explode in the US.

  46. max

    “AJ (the dude one)”

    That is funny Kitty.

  47. “My husband and son do BJJ.”

    Who do they train with?

    “In the last 5 years I’ve watched MMA fighting explode in the US.”

    Once it got back on PPV and Sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic commission they were able to show it as the exciting contest of skill it was, and not the gory bloodsport the media portrayed it as.

  48. max

    Valliant, you live.

  49. I’m just now getting to this Max – so sorry!! I am very honoured that you chose me – thank you for your support!

  50. max

    TG, you made it. Yay!

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