tagged again


Hmm. I have been —

Tagged again. This is the second time I got hit with this tag. Pooks gave me the option of opting out of it earlier [Pooks knows I mostly do not do writing tags] then Michele went and socked me with it.

The thing is, it is some sort of what kind of music do you listen to when you write tag. I do not generally do music tags or writing tags. And this is both. Ooog. And —

I do not listen to music when I write. I write in silence.

So. Hmm. Okay. We will now do a brief moment of silence in honor of writing in silence.


Woof. Got that out of the way. Okay, back to blogging frenzy.


*i am not tagging anyone with this one but if it looks like fun to you go for it


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  1. And here I thought this all started with Kitty.

  2. max

    Nah. It did not even start with Pooks. Brett tagged Pooks this evil goes very deep.

  3. I can’t write with music either. I always end up dancing around. Or I smoke a cigarette and try to look dramatic. It depends on the music.

  4. I write to music, after awhile I tune it out anyway.

    The thing is I keep it going because sometimes I’ll write something creepy ( well, you know to be accurate it’s always ) and when I stop and hit that wall silence.

    It freaks me out.

    Then I have to make up stories to tell my husband to explain why all the lights are on in the house ( yeah, I write at night )and I’m walking around with a hockey stick in one hand and bible in the other.

  5. When I think about what I’m going to write, I listen to music. When I sit down and bang it out on the computer, it is usually without music, but not always.

  6. max

    Having music on while I write would be like trying to watch a movie with a stereo blasting me at the same time. There is a movie and an emotional track playing in my head when I write. Having outside music hitting me fractures that. Though I really like the sound of fire or rain or snow, those work for me.

    What I also do sometimes is have a dvd looping with the sound turned off. Something visual similar in some way to the imagery I am putting on the page. That for some reason can link me more clearly to the images I have going in my head and when I slow down give me ways of describing them as an exterior image instead of an interior one. Though at times I think what that is really doing, because it is a loop over and over again of something I have seen many times, is just a self induced trance state.

  7. I’ll write with the tv on and the sound off sometimes. I think I do this to break up the feeling of loneliness associated with writing.

    I never thought about looping a dvd to get into that trance-like state, that’s a great idea.

  8. max

    Well it was not really a conscious act it is just a process that has evolved.

  9. Kym

    Remind me not to sneak up on Anita while she’s writing. Yikes!

    For me to write, I have to have complete silence. So, with a 5 year old and assorted other family members my three great books I have started are never going to get finished!

  10. max

    Probably it is never a good idea to sneak up on Anita.

    That is a nifty new avatar.

  11. Kym

    My littlest one took the pic. He’s a passionate photographer. And I edited it a little to look like I’m peering out a computer screen at everyone.

  12. Oh, that is very clever.

    I don’t write with music either.

  13. I like it when people sneak up on me.
    I like that sound they make when I turn around- and smile

  14. max

    Personally my favorite all time Anita story is about the annoying girl who just rode you till the day you locked her out. I do not know the link to that story but I enjoyed it. A lot.

  15. Hi Max… it was called The Flower Room
    …and it was one of my finer moments.

  16. Kym

    Anita ….


    I need to learn from you and Max both.

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