story board whut?

  I am always seeing these crazy story boards posted online by writers. They are very ordered and very detailed and very complex and to me look like time outlines for a NASA space mission or a chores list put up for a military camp. Here is one of those crazy story boards: Here is […]



  I took a dance class once where the admission form asked you to list past physical injuries.  I told the instructor it would be a lot less time consuming to list what hadn’t been injured.  Or, you know, just use a highlighter?   I don’t want to challenge Fate here, anytime it even might […]


screenwriters don't do "prep work"

    I stopped over on ScriptChat tonight.  It’s a Twitter thing, everyone hits one website [the ScriptChat website] and then chats it up and the site automatically adds a hashtag, #scriptchat to the conversation. Which all plays out on Twitter like Twitter comments.   [If you are not on Twitter, that will all be […]


when reporters are the story

    Something happened sometime somewhere in some galaxy really close to home. News stopped being about news. News started being about the “Personality” reporting the news.     I do not know when this happened. I just know it did. And that something about this is not right.     I find myself saying […]


my heart breaks

  Once in a while — I make the mistake of listening to the radio. Radio stations in Austin are pretty bad in general. [Listen, Austin radio stations if you do not know this, I am sorry to deliver bad news but it is just so.] But I thought tonight I would listen to some […]