ah the boy's club

  The Boy’s Club is fun. Well not so much if you are not a boy. It means every single male “screenwriting guru” out there can bash you with cheap references to bras and popsicles and you are supposed to be nice about it. I guess? I’m not nice. I’m a kid from the streets. […]


my bloody parables

  I speak in parables. A lot. It is how I talk. I tell a story, or incidence. There is a purpose behind it. A meaning. Sometimes people get it. Sometimes they do not. Suits do not get it.   I think the parable thing is why I am so good at pitching and telling […]


my beautiful time sinks

  I think — I’m spending my time unwisely. I’m doing all these things which in the grand scheme of things appear to be mostly time sinks and just grunt work not accomplishing anything. I put out a newsletter every month. It says what new classes are coming. It talks about what the workshoppers and […]