screenwriters don't do "prep work"

    I stopped over on ScriptChat tonight.  It’s a Twitter thing, everyone hits one website [the ScriptChat website] and then chats it up and the site automatically adds a hashtag, #scriptchat to the conversation. Which all plays out on Twitter like Twitter comments.   [If you are not on Twitter, that will all be […]


top 10 self centered bizarre things people ask for

    To 10 Self Centered Bizarre Things People Ask For [And Why That Ain’t Gonna Happen] Let’s preface this with a recent Twitter exchange: @jeannevb: Wow. Some people really are self-absorbed idiots. Warning: Karma WILL get you. #speechless @CelluloidBlonde: RT @jeannevb: Wow. Some people really are self-absorbed idiots. || Dammit I said I was […]


artists and damages

    A doctor handed me a bottle of pills once. Well did not “hand” them to me. Prescribed them. I was in a pretty bad place. They were supposed to fix my head. That bottle was full of pills too. I didn’t take them. I sat on them for three months. Then I flushed […]