the great chair project

After a year of watching my poor chair slide into decrepitude — I am abusive to work chairs and it was true decrepitude, I could not sit in that office chair anymore without physical pain and also had to place witty throws on the chair when guests came over to camouflage the tragedy — and […]


new class ahoy yay!

  High Concept Writing — Starts today. Yay! This is one of my favorite classes it is mad interactive. Next class on the horizon is Character Writing. Which is also mad fun and stars Charlotte. [To know more about Charlotte you will have to track down someone who has taken Character Writing before.] Character Writing […]


computer graveyard

  I need — A computer. Not for me. For one of my workshop kids. He is a New York City cop. On a New York City cop’s salary. Paying New York City rent. For two households. Supporting two little girls. He has been struggling to keep writing and keep up with an online workshop […]


questions with no answers

  I wonder sometimes — What I appear to be. There is never any knowing about that. I post about moving desks. Eating cats. Strangers in restaurants. Messages in bottles. The loss of love. Salt water crocs. And trying to find a bathing suit I like. And sometimes I wonder, what overall image does that […]