now i've done it

  Now I’ve done it — I applied for this job : :::this job::: This required making a mini movie and sending it in. Which of course is kind of tricky since I do not own a movie camera or know how to do anything in i-movies and also just heard about this whole scenario […]


the crest of the wave

  So the building manager — Called yesterday and left a message he needed to come over today. With most tenants that just means letting someone know you are coming and need access. With me it means I need to be sort of presentable. The time he said he would show was between 10 am […]


::: grrrr ::::

  It is — 6:30 in the morning. I have been working all night. My wrists are toast. And I did not get to play Vampire Wars once Friday. I am a bitter bitter girl. ::: grrrrr :::   where the art work comes from : that is from rabbit hole


quitting time

  I used to be — A machine. Seriously. I could go through stacks and stacks of manuscripts, assignments, and, in my spare time, sneak a book or magazine. I cannot do that anymore. I have time lines. I teach. I review my students’ work. It has to be done in a timely way. They […]