ah the boy's club

  The Boy’s Club is fun. Well not so much if you are not a boy. It means every single male “screenwriting guru” out there can bash you with cheap references to bras and popsicles and you are supposed to be nice about it. I guess? I’m not nice. I’m a kid from the streets. […]


things grown men shouldn't do

  THINGS GROWN MEN SHOULDN’T DO: Hop out of an idling car at dusk, leaving the door open and the engine idling, and cut directly across the street to intercept a lone woman on the sidewalk who does not know you. Approach a lone woman who does not know you in a parking garage at […]


law and man

  If there is — Proof positive on Planet Earth “laws” are arbitrary and man made just to push other people around, looking at a God damn law that doesn’t allow women to ride bicycles is it. Seriously? Women can’t ride bicycles? What’s that going to do, break a hymen? What about married women? Can […]


hilarious convo's on twitter

  These guys — On Twitter are talking about Sheryl Crow. She has a brain tumor. One of them says it is benign. Another guy really likes her music. Another says it’s not his thing but she’s better than most of the pop girl singers. They note she’s hot. This is all especially funny to […]



  You are — Cleopatra She is very… passionate & determined. She ruled Egypt at the age of 18. You are independent, but there are times where others are good to work with. You hate being told what to do. Since you’re used to being the one in charge, you’re the one who gives the […]


literary heroines & yours truly

  Apparently I am — Marianne Dashwood from Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. [Ooh la la.] “Mary Anne is lovely and unspoiled but she leads herself to heartbreak with her unfailing belief in the chivalry and romances of Shakespeare. She is bright, sweet, artistic and musical, passionate, and slightly naive.” :::which 19th century literary heroine […]