and i work

  And I work. In every catastrophic event I work. In every non-catastrophic event, I work. I keep working. No matter what it breaks. No matter what it hurts. No matter what it costs. I keep working. The only thing in this world that has never let me down was dogs and the work. And […]


my beautiful time sinks

  I think — I’m spending my time unwisely. I’m doing all these things which in the grand scheme of things appear to be mostly time sinks and just grunt work not accomplishing anything. I put out a newsletter every month. It says what new classes are coming. It talks about what the workshoppers and […]


two more days!

  I am — Happy today. Yay! And, two more days until the new year. Yay! [Wow that survey really worked.] I am not sure why I have such high expectations for the new year. Every indication is the U.S. is in a tail spin and the coming year will just be worse. This forward […]


giving up the shoes

  A long long time ago — In a galaxy far far away — Jerry Seinfeld jeans and white sneakers were cool. Now they aren’t.   It is still really hard to throw away these sneakers. They were my lucky Hollywood sneakers.   where the art work comes from : that is from grazie|davvero