the trouble with texas

  I get lost a lot here. This is in part because I have a problematic sense of direction. But also, it’s Texas. Or, more specifically, Texans. When Texans give directions, they use landmarks. I am not sure why. Maybe it dates back to pioneer days. Texas is pretty big and in pioneer days street […]


the rules

  I was at a beach — In Florida. I was already tired when Jamie said, Hey, let’s swim out. I said I was tired. I had been in the water a long time already. I had just come in. But I was the only swimmer in the group and Jamie needed a partner. Jamie […]


unfortunate moment #4,293

  It was — One of those long drives I used to do on Hiway 10. Usually going from parts Louisiana or Texas headed parts home to California. It was night. The road was lonely. And [cover your eyes Great Aunt Agnes] I really had to pee. I mean really. Like wet your pants really. […]



  I wrote this in October 2002 after a real long drive to Comfort, Texas. I titled it “fireflies.” It maybe should have been titled “how bad my knee hurts after a too long drive to comfort texas but the skunks are spiffy.”   It is is October — Time for pumpkins and black cats […]