terry rossio

Austin Film Festival 2012

  Max Adams, Kitty Sibille, Vivi Gregg, Cathy Rescher and Vicky Illk, Austin Film Festival 2012. (I have no idea why Kitty has Vicky in a choke hold, we are writing congressmen for explanations.) Kitty Sibille, Vivi Gregg, Max Adams, Austin Film Festival 2012 Max Adams, Cathy Rescher, and Kent Williams, Austin Film Festival 2012 […]


flipping cars

    There is this great moment in The Last Boy Scout. This car’s trunk is wired up with explosives and these two guys have to leap over a freeway embankment to escape the exploding car. And they make it, whew! Except — The blowing up car is blown over the side of the freeway […]