social media


  I posted on Facebook the other day that all my websites were crashed. People came through and “liked” the post.     My websites are down, my servers are crashed, the school, my business, my book, everything, is offline crashed it could be the end of me. People LIKED that.     There’s a […]


this is adorable

    The PushUp peeps posted a photo of everyone at PushUp waving to the AFW peeps.  That is adorable and hilarious to me. Don’t know what I am talking about?  I will assume you have been in a monastery in Tibet under a vow of silence.  Hey, welcome back!  Go check out :::what I […]


operation social media page

    So Facebook keeps getting scummier and scummier, shifting privacy settings, manipulating newsfeeds, pushing weirder and weirder agendas. The latest is manipulating newsfeeds to see if lambasting people with depressing content will make people depressed. Cripes. We so need a new social media site. So. I’m making my own. I know, crazy, right? Well […]