top ten reasons for a single payer system

  1. Everybody in — Nobody out. Universal means access to health care for everyone, period — the desire of 81% of all Californians, as reported in a January, 2007 Field Poll. 2. Portability. Even if you are unemployed, or lose or change your job, your health coverage goes with you. 3. Uniform benefits. No […]


when getting beaten by your husband is a pre-existing condition

    I am not being — Tongue in cheek there. Being beaten by your husband is according to insurance companies literally a “pre-existing condition.” I wonder what happens when someone beats on the kids…. “It turns out that in eight states, plus the District of Columbia, getting beaten up by your spouse is a […]



  I have a new follower — On Twitter. Probably to keep an eye on me. I am vocally pro health reform enough it is catching some people’s attention and not all of them are happy with me. This follower falls into the unhappy category. Someone with an entire Twitter page about not passing health […]