it's labor vs. capital, stupid

  It’s Labor vs. Capital, Stupid Now that we’re in the streets, what are we asking for? ~ By David Morris ~ Originally published at OnTheCommons.Org From 1980 to 2005, more than 80 percent of the increase in personal incomes went to one percent of the population. A few months ago Nassim Taleb, author of […]


have you called your representative today?

  Left messages for — Henry Waxman & Barbara Boxer today supporting H.R. 676 and the Weiner amendment to supplant H.R. 3200 with same in the House vote this week. Let me say that again. House. Vote. This Week. Call. NOW. Feinstein’s phone doesn’t take messages during “office closed” hours & during “office open” hours […]


what you should know about hr 676

  The big question — What is H.R. 676? H.R. 676, also called the United States National Health Insurance Act, is a bill to create a single-payer, publicly-financed, privately-delivered universal health care program that would cover all Americans without charging co-pays or deductibles. It guarantees access to the highest quality and most affordable health care […]


five health care promises "candidate" obama won't be keeping

  Remember “Candidate” Obama? Back before he became “President” Obama? Remember THOSE promises? Here are five he will not be keeping:   1. No Individual Mandate. 2. Complete Transparency 3. Government To Negotiate Lower Drug Prices 4. Allow Drug Importation 5. Lower Premiums by $2,500 for Family of Four   The mandate is in, sorry […]


can america be salvaged?

  I do not know — The answer to that question. It looks less and less probable as I watch the new president, allegedly the answer to all our woes, skip opportunities, allow his Green Man and to hear it told the voice of America’s youth to be drummed out of Washington, distance himself from […]