the slut wars

  This appeared on FB [via Raincoaster AKA Lorraine Murphy who was sharing from Women’s Rights News]:     In case you can’t read that — which some people can’t because of image clarity — I’m going to go all carpel tunnel on your ass and type it again:   QUESTION: “If you had a […]


the coffee gods hate me : part i

  I cannot make coffee. Maybe that is misleading. I can “make” coffee. But, no one can drink it. I tried for years too, to make coffee. Till the day I told a friend coming over, Oh cool I will try a new coffee thing. She said, Max, if you make me try to drink […]


i'm still here

  I was going to– Write this big long preamble to this. I changed my mind. I’m Still Here What concerns me about “polite” rape “discussion” is, in a conciliatory, polite abstraction of rape, what is really going on during a physical attack is not acknowledged. Rape is a physical attack. A rape victim has […]