civil forfeiture

  [youtube=]   *I can’t say it better than John Oliver. Watch. Listen. Learn. And if the police ask you if you’re carrying cash when they pull you over? The correct answer is “no.”  


what is wrong with this picture?

         Okay nothing is wrong with this picture if this is a casting call for a L’Oreal commercial. There is something wrong if all of these are female law enforcement characters on TV and every single one of them has long, flowing unbound hair — While. Chasing. Bad. Guys. WTF? That hair is […]


i was just following orders

  There’s this article — I’m seeing this article hit Facebook, repeatedly, with people [allegedly liberals] getting all enraged about it. It’s about police in Colorado refusing to spend their time enforcing a “take away their guns” policy. Here’s the article: Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Laws on Gun Control [New York Times] Here are some […]


while america sleeps

  Renewing the Patriot Act — While America Sleeps ~by John W. Whitehead   “Of course, there is no doubt that if we lived in a police state, it would be easier to catch terrorists. If we lived in a country that allowed the police to search your home at any time for any reason; […]