my bloody parables

  I speak in parables. A lot. It is how I talk. I tell a story, or incidence. There is a purpose behind it. A meaning. Sometimes people get it. Sometimes they do not. Suits do not get it.   I think the parable thing is why I am so good at pitching and telling […]


10 years?

      The Screenwriter’s Survival Guide; Or, Guerrilla Meeting Tactics and Other Acts of War         2011 is the 10 year anniversary of the book’s publication. I do not know whether to yay or groan there, jeez, seriously, ten years? It does not seem like I OR the book can be […]


visual writing & the art of the pitch

I am filling seats in the next two ONLINE classes: Visual Writing which is next up and begins 11.16.10 The Art of the Pitch which begins 01.11.11 _________________________________________________ _____ Visual writing is about setting scenes in ways that will make readers “see” a film or scene. This is especially important for film writers — without […]