drive by kitty dress up

  A girl I know — Put this photo up. It is hilarious to me. I told her so and said wow that is a nice cat. [Not all cats are patient with kitty dress up.] She told me the kitty was a stray she had just picked up. That is even more hilarious to […]


baby ahoy

  A friend of mine — Is expecting a baby. He assures me he is totally prepared for an infant because his cat is just as noisy and demanding as a baby. I think he may change his mind when he encounters the joys of changing diapers they do not make clumping diapers yet.   […]


i am missing the dogs

  I am missing — The dogs today. I have been looking at photos of friends’ dogs. That makes me think about dogs. Sometimes the apartment is all clean and neat and feels… just sterile. In spite of the plants and in spite of me and in spite of energy I put into this place […]


save the buns

  A friend — Has rescue bunnies that need homes yesterday. The buns are 2-3 months old. They are box trained and well behaved and very very cute [doy they are bunnies what bunnies are not very very cute?]. If you are in Los Angeles and bunny looking email and I will put you in […]