the great chair project

After a year of watching my poor chair slide into decrepitude — I am abusive to work chairs and it was true decrepitude, I could not sit in that office chair anymore without physical pain and also had to place witty throws on the chair when guests came over to camouflage the tragedy — and […]


office art is up yay yay yay!

Office art is up! Yay! Yay! Yay! [Yeah yeah yeah, you’re saying, Hey Max! Why so late and where is the piece of furniture that goes under the office art? Quit it. Head injury after move in. I’m all proud I can hang art on a straight line. The furniture comes later ya bastards. And […]



Things done today: Reviewed 8 student assignments. Reviewed 1 writing sample. Read 3 feature scripts. Set up office. Yay yay yay! Yeah yeah yeah I know it is ridiculous it took THAT LONG to set up the office, but I have been really busy and also there was that getting injured thing that made standing […]


continental desk drift

  So my desk keeps moving. By itself. This is really annoying. I am very big on the placement of objects and my desk is perfectly square to the wall beside it and the glass doors behind it and it keeps going kitty cornered. Not huge moves. But a couple inches. And I keep putting […]