visual writing & the art of the pitch

I am filling seats in the next two ONLINE classes: Visual Writing which is next up and begins 11.16.10 The Art of the Pitch which begins 01.11.11 _________________________________________________ _____ Visual writing is about setting scenes in ways that will make readers “see” a film or scene. This is especially important for film writers — without […]


new class ahoy yay!

  High Concept Writing — Starts today. Yay! This is one of my favorite classes it is mad interactive. Next class on the horizon is Character Writing. Which is also mad fun and stars Charlotte. [To know more about Charlotte you will have to track down someone who has taken Character Writing before.] Character Writing […]


fight club girl

  You Belong in Fight Club Rules? What are those? You create your own rules. You are good at influencing people and making them do your bidding. You hide your insecurities and vulnerability with your tough exterior.   :::what movie do you belong in:::