Free Books!

  FREE BOOKS! YAY! Well not entirely free. You do have to win them in a competition: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a cool meme/graphic of a celebrity/historical figure/fictitious character/someone-recognizable-and-cool reading The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide. [If you need inspiration or ideas, hit this :::post:::] Then, go to the […]


25 damn things

  Yep. You guessed it. Tagged on FB. And I have been neglecting the blog — though you could scroll down to the bottom and catch some of the links from that other blog. Ahem. But — Blog neglect! Ahhh! So — In no particular order and sans the help of alcohol because I am […]


feng shui mosaic

  This is the feng shui mosaic. It is an experiment in imagery. It came about because Christie tagged me with another mosaic on Facebook and it was interesting to me the nine squares could be a bagua so I did a bagua. [Oh the shame, I created a tag, ahh!] The results were interesting […]


max : the album cover

  This is a pretty cool meme [do not think i say that often] Pooks hit me with on facebook.     Do a Wikipedia random search : that is the band name. Do a Wikipedia random quotes search : the last five to four words is the album name. Do a flickr last seven […]


ringing out 2008

  Well there is — Only one right way to ring out 2008 and that is with a Miss R Survey. Yay! Yay! Yay! [Miss R does the best surveys or did before she ran off to Alaska ahem Miss R we need more Miss R suverys please.] 1. Do you know someone named Amanda? […]