my very very very cool coaster

  Okay maybe it says something — About me that this is one of the coolest gifts I have ever gotten. A friend headed for parts Europe. [Yes, that is what we called it before all this “UK” sash. “Europe.”] She isn’t the kind of friend who feels compelled to bring back trinkets for everyone […]


crush factor

  I was at this party — Talking about guys [I know that comes as a shock] when someone said, What is a crush? This was a funny question to me my whole life people have been talking about crushes but maybe that is a U.S. thing so I came up with a definition and […]


what hurts?

  Isn’t it odd — How many times a person will hammer a nail, knowing, if you do that, odds are you will smash your thumb bad. No biggy, people will keep swinging hammers risking that hurt. But threaten one emotional hit? People will run like they are on fire.     where the art […]


no man is going to marry that girl

  Uh oh. As a 1930s wife you scored : 20 Very Poor [Failure]   :::how do you rate on the wife test:::   where i nabbed that quiz : i nabbed that quiz at rain’s where the art work comes from : that is a chanel scooped at rhiannon mars’s


my not so black heart

  Your heart — Is Pink In relationships, you like to play innocent — Even though you aren’t. Each time you fall in love, It’s like falling for the first time.   Your flirting style : Coy Your lucky first date : Picnic in the park Your dream lover : Is both caring and dominant […]