Kerry Valderrama

you will be missed

I am deeply saddened by news of the loss of Kerry Valderrama. My thoughts are with his family. I get angry when people die. Angry at them for dying and leaving me. Angry at the world that keeps spinning. Angry at the sun that keeps rising. I am angry. Also you still owe me dinner.


she's so dramatic

I had a life partner — Who was always vaguely trying to apologize for me. We had these really interesting neighbors. Every once in a while in the hearing of others I would mention how really interesting the neighbors were — and not in a good way. And my partner would smile apologetically and say, […]



  I have had great losses. Of love. Of men. Of dogs. Of life. I have friends who have had great losses. Of love. Of men. Of dogs. Of life. I have watched them move on. New love. New men. New dogs. New life. I have not. Friends heal. I do not. Something is broken […]


ow ow ow

  I am really wanting a puppy today. A friend’s beloved dog died and that opened up this big hole inside me that is missing dogs. And I can just hear the quiet echo all around me that would be filled with dog sounds but is not so is stark and sterile and silent. You […]


friends with cannons

  I have this friend. Well — Had this friend. We knew each other when I was fifteen and she was a seriously good friend then. I had to show in court when I was fifteen. Mainly because I was the person who pulled an injured friend out of a smashed car and took her […]