I have interesting convo’s with my upstairs neighbor. [Not on purpose.] I will be having a cig, wearing white sitting in a somewhat expensive fabric chair — [I bring that up to point out how problematic dirty water pouring from above can be because it really fucks up white shorts and also puts […]



  When I was a kid — The news was on the TV and I went into one of my Kid Max moments of just knowing and said, Those people are really dangerous. My mother said, Don’t be silly, that is the lunatic fringe, no one will ever overturn Roe vs. Wade.   where the […]


the crest of the wave

  So the building manager — Called yesterday and left a message he needed to come over today. With most tenants that just means letting someone know you are coming and need access. With me it means I need to be sort of presentable. The time he said he would show was between 10 am […]


i think they got this one wrong

  Looking back — [I am feeling all mortal and introspective lately — that is probably dead father backlash] I keep thinking about this thing people always say, that it is not the things you did during life you regret, it is the things you did not do.   I think that is wrong. When […]


dear diary

  Dear Diary : Finished and sent notes on writer’s treatment. Reviewed five student assignments. Tallied and logged stats for online workshop. [Hunted down and logged missing stats. Now you die grrr.] Corrected stats count error. Read three competition scripts. Wrote up notes and scored three competition scripts. Updated domains for website clients. Updated contact […]


elf therapy

  My response — When things life spiral out of control is generally drink too much, then nurse a hangover thinking, Wow, that just never works, then watch a whole bunch of movies while wondering whether or not I am really up to taking on whatever mayhem just hit, then make whatever horrible phone calls […]